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Title in Portuguese: Imagens espaço-imagens objeto: o recurso da imersão nos processos de ensino-aprendizagem em arquitetura
Title: Space Images-Object Images: Immersion Resources for Teaching and Learning in Architecture
Author: Cardoso, Daniel Ribeiro
Bonfim, Cibele Moreira Nobre
Barros, Ana Carolina dos Santos
Souza, André Felipe Rodrigues de
Keywords: Imersão
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: SIGRADI 2010
Citation: CARDOSO, D. R.; BONFIM, C. M. N.; BARROS, A. C. S.; SOUZA, A. F. R. (2010)
Abstract: This paper reflects on the use of immersive environments associated with virtual reality in design exercises. Following from the experience of implementing the Imagem Espaço-Imagem Objeto project in the Architecture and Urbanism course at the Federal University of Ceara, we seek to develop considerations of how the development of new media (especially the immersive media) makes use of digital equipment and systems to open new possibilities of conception, perception and representation in architecture. In addition, we explore the possible impacts of this phenomenon in teaching-learning in our course.
Description: CARDOSO, D. R.; BONFIM, Cibele M. N.; SOUZA, A. F. R.; BARROS, A. C. S. Imagens Espaço - Imagens Objeto: o recurso de imersão nos processos de ensino e aprendizagem em arquitetura. In: SIGRADI: XIV Congreso de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital, 2010, Bogotá. SIGRADI 2010 - disrupción, modelación e construcción: diálogos cambiantes. Anais... Bogotá: Ediciones Uniandes, 2010. v. 1. p. 85-87.
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