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Título: Colour removal of dyes from synthetic and real textile wastewaters in one- and two-stage anaerobic systems
Autor(es): Firmino, Paulo Igor Milen
Silva, Marcos Erick Rodrigues da
Cervantes, Francisco Javier
Santos, André Bezerra dos
Palavras-chave: Anaerobic treatment
Two-stage system
Colour removal
Real textile wastewater
Tratamento anaeróbio
Cor - Remoção
Águas residuais
Data do documento: 2010
Editor: Bioresource Technology
Citação: FIRMINO, P. I. M.; SILVA, M. E. R.; CERVANTES, F. J.; SANTOS, A. B. (2010)
Abstract: Decolourisation of the azo dye model compound, Congo Red (CR), and real textile wastewater, was assessed in one- and two-stage anaerobic treatment systems (R1 and R2, respectively). High colour removals were achieved in both treatment systems even when a very high CR concentration (1.2 mM) was applied. However, R2 presented a slightly better stability, in which the acidogenic reactor (R2,A) played a major role on dye reduction, as compared to the methanogenic reactor (R2,M), evidencing the role of fermentative microorganisms. The minimum electron donor concentration required to sustain dye reduction was much higher than the stoichiometric amount. Additionally, a decrease on the hydraulic retention time (from 24 to 12 h) did not significantly affect decolourisation, indicating that electron transfer was not a concern. Finally, experiments with real textile wastewater showed low decolourisation efficiencies in both systems, most likely due to the presence of dyes not susceptible to reductive decolourisation under these experimental conditions.
Descrição: FIRMINO, P. I. M. et al. Colour removal of dyes from synthetic and real textile wastewaters in one- and two-stage anaerobic systems. Bioresource Technology, [s.l.], v. 101, p. 7773-7779, 2010.
ISSN: 0960-8524
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