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Título: Sedimentological survey on some samples off southwestern littoral of Saint Vincent Island
Autor(es): Morais, Jader Onofre de
Palavras-chave: Sedimentos (Geologia)
Data do documento: 1972
Editor: Arquivos de Ciências do Mar
Citação: MORAIS, J. O. de (1972)
Resumo: Saint Vincent Island, situated in the Caribbean Sea on latitude 13°10'N and longitude 60°97'W, lies midway between Grenada and St. Lúcia and almost on the same latitude as Barbados, which is about 87 miles away. About sixty samples of the southwestern littoral of that island have been collected by scientists and technicians from the Department of Geology of the University College of London, in May 1971 , using the launch Providence of the H. M. S. Hecla. Ali these samples have been observed macroscopically, from which twenty seven have been chosen for grain size analysis, taking into account depth, components and the positions of the island's three main embayment. No samples have been collected in Kingstown Bay, but for the purpose of this study this is not relevant, because that bay can afford the only anchorage of any importance in the island and the aspects of the sediments should be quite different. A separation of heavy minerals and the study of sediments under a binocular microscope have been carried out, as well as chemical and petrological analysis. Ali the results together with some reference papers have been discussed, in an attempt to ascertain the contribution made by the volcanic material, and whether they are more closely related to river transportation or other means of transport.
Descrição: MORAIS, Jader Onofre de. Sedimentological survey on some samples off southwestern littoral of Saint Vincent Island. Arquivos de Ciências do Mar. Fortaleza, v. 12, n.1, p. 51-71, jun. 1972.
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