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Título: The anthelmintic drug mebendazole inhibits growth, migration and invasion in gastric cancer cell model
Autor(es): Pinto, Laine Celestino
Soares, Bruno Moreira
Pinheiro, João de Jesus Viana
Riggins, Gregory J.
Assumpção, Paulo Pimentel
Burbano, Rommel Mário Rodriguez
Montenegro, Raquel Carvalho
Palavras-chave: Mebendazol
Neoplasias Gástricas
Data do documento: Dez-2015
Editor: Toxicology in Vitro
Citação: PINTO, L. C. ; SOARES, B. M. ; PINHEIRO, J. J. V. ; RIGGINS, G. J. ; ASSUMPÇÃO, P. P. ; BURBANO, R. M. R. ; MONTENEGRO, R. C. (2015)
Abstract: The present study aimed to investigate the effects of MBZ on a human malignant ascites cell line derived from a primary gastric cancer tumor. Our data reveal that MBZ showed high cytotoxicity in vitro, displaying an IC50 of 0.39 μM and 1.25 μM in ACP-02 and ACP-03, respectively. The association between MBZ and 5-FU increased slightly the cytotoxicity when compared to MBZ and 5-FU alone. Furthermore, MBZ disrupted the microtubule structure of AGP-01 cells and inhibited significantly the invasion and migration of these cells. Activity of active MMP-2 significantly decreased at all tested concentration of MBZ compared to negative control. These results support the indication of MBZ in combination with chemotherapeutic agents as a possible adjuvant therapy for the management/treatment of patients with advanced gastric cancer since MBZ is a drug of low cost with acceptable safety profile and reduced toxicity to normal cells. However, clinical trials must be performed in o to evaluate its efficacy in gastric cancer patients
Descrição: PINTO, Laine Celestino ; SOARES, Bruno Moreira ; PINHEIRO, João de Jesus Viana ; RIGGINSC, Gregory J. ; ASSUMPÇÃO, Paulo Pimentel ; BURBANO, Rommel Mário Rodriguez ; MONTENEGRO, Raquel Carvalho. The anthelmintic drug mebendazole inhibits growth, migration and invasion in gastric cancer cell model. Toxicology in Vitro, New York, v. 29, n. 8, p. 2038-2044, 2015.
ISSN: 0887-2333
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