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Título: The city as an object of research: microsociology of urban spaces in Brazil
Autor(es): Barreira, Irlys Alencar Firmo
Lima, Geísa Mattos de Araújo
Palavras-chave: Urban studies
Theoretical approaches
Theses and dissertations
Data do documento: 2014
Editor: Current Urban Studies
Citação: Barreira, I. A. F; Lima, G. M. A. (2014)
Abstract: Sociological and anthropological productions that take the city as their object of investigation have met new approaches in Brazil, especially since the 1990s. This paper aims to discuss the re-cent theoretical and empirical trajectories of research proposals as their authors take the city to the spotlight. This scientific endeavor analyzes a corpus of theses and dissertations produced by students of the Sociology Graduation Program of the Federal University of Ceará, in Brazil, as such works encompass shifts and trends in predominant theories and methods of the Social Sciences in Brazil over the past two decades. They demonstrate an increasing interest for the microsociologi-cal look towards the urban, which we argue to be an effect of the influence of Anthropology in the theoretical and methodological approach of research objects. From the set of selected works, the city is composed by territories cross-cut by a strong dimension of power and conflict, as an influ-ence of Political Geography. French Sociology and Historiography contribute with theoretical perspectives that prioritize the senses of creation and insubordination, thus attributing to the practice of diverse social actors in urban places. In the set of works, the neighborhood unfolds as a microcosm of social practices, embedded with multiple senses of belonging and spatial conflicts, which are expressive of a wider social struggle
Descrição: BARREIRA, Irlys Alencar Firmo; LIMA, Geísa Mattos de Araújo. The city as an object of research: microsociology of urban spaces in Brazil. Current Urban Studies, v. 2, p. 127-139, june 2014.
ISSN: 2328-4919 (online)
2328-4900 (print)
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