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Título: The universal
Autor(es): Ilyenkov, Evald Vasilyevich
Palavras-chave: Universal
Data do documento: 2013
Editor: Revista Dialectus
Citação: Ilyenkov, E. V. (2013)
Resumo: What is the “universal”? What should one understand by this word if vagueness and misunderstanding are to be avoided at least while reading two adjacent paragraphs? In the literal sense of the word “vseobshchee” (universal) means “obshchee vsem” (common to all). “Vsem” (all) stands for the individuals whose infinite multitude makes up the first-glance impression of the world we live in or speak about. But this is perhaps all that is indisputable and similarly understood by one and all about the “universal.” Leaving aside for now the properly philosophical controversies about the “universal,” it will be noted that the very term “obshchee” (universal) is applied rather haphazardly in living language because it has among its “denotations” not only different or noncoincident, but directly opposite and mutually exclusive, objects and designations. The Dictionary of the Modern Russian Language recounts twelve such meanings, with two hardly compatible ones found at the extremes of the spectrum. “Common,” even though to some two, not to mention “all,” is that which belongs to the composition of either, as does the quality of being bipedal and mortal to Socrates and Caius or velocity to electron and train, and cannot exist separately from these two individuals. Also understood as “common” is that which exists apart from these two individuals, precisely as a thing or yet another individual, like common ancestor, common – one for two (for all), field, common motor-car or kitchen, common friend or acquaintance, and so on, and so forth.
Descrição: ILYENKOV, Evald Vasilyevich. The universal. Revista Dialectus, Fortaleza, ano 1, n. 2, p. 63-87, jan./jun. 2013.
ISSN: 2317-2010
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