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Título: Physio-pharmacological investigations about the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive efficacy of (+)-Limonene epoxide
Autor(es): Almeida, Antonia Amanda Cardoso de
Silva, Renan Oliveira
Nicolau, Lucas Antonio Duarte
Brito, Tarcísio Vieira de
Sousa, Damião Pergentino de
Barbosa, André Luiz dos Reis
Freitas, Rivelilson Mendes de
Lopes, Luciano da Silva
Medeiros, Jand-Venes Rolim
Ferreira, Paulo Michel Pinheiro
Palavras-chave: Anti-Inflamatórios
Data do documento: Jan-2017
Editor: Inflammation
Citação: ALMEIDA, A. A. C. ; SILVA, R. O. ; NICOLAU, L. A. D. ; BRITO, T. V. ; SOUSA, D. P. ; BARBOSA, A. L. R. ; FREITAS, R. M. ; LOPES, L. S. ; MEDEIROS, J.-V. R. ; FERREIRA, P. M. P. (2017)
Abstract: D-limonene epoxidation generates (+)-limonene epoxide, an understudied compound in the pharmacologically point of view. Herein, we investigated the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive potentialities of (+)-limonene epoxide and suggested a mechanism of action. The anti-inflammatory potential was analyzed using agents to induce paw edema, permeability, and myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity. Pro-inflammatory cytokines and cell migration of peritoneal cells were also assessed. Antinociceptive effects were evaluated by writhing test induced by acetic acid, formalin, and hot plate assays and contribution of opioid pathways. Pretreated animals with (+)-limonene epoxide showed reduced carrageenan-induced paw edema in all doses (25, 50, and 75 mg/kg) ( P < 0.05). At 75 mg/kg, it suppressed edema provoked by compound 48/80, histamine, prostaglandin E 2 , and serotonin and reduced permeability determined by Evans blue and MPO activity. It also reduced leukocytes, neutro- phils, and IL-1 β levels in the peritoneal cavity in comparison with carrageenan group ( P < 0.05). (+)- Limonene epoxide diminished abdominal contortions induced by acetic acid (78.9%) and paw licking times in both 1 (41.8%) and 2 (51.5%) phases and a pretreatment with naloxone (3 mg/kg) reverted the antinociceptive action in morphine- and (+)-limonene epoxide-treated groups ( P < 0.05). Additionally, it enlarged response times to the thermal stimulus after 60 and 90 min. In conclusion, (+)-limonene epoxide inhibited release/activity of inflammatory mediators, vascular permeability, migration of neu- trophils and displayed systemic and peripheral analgesic-dependent effects of the opioid system.
Descrição: ALMEIDA, Antonia Amanda Cardoso de et al. Physio-pharmacological investigations about the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive efficacy of (+)-limonene epoxide. Inflammation, New York, p. 1-12, jan. 2017.
ISSN: 0360-3997
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