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Título: Characterisation and design methods of solar cookers
Autor(es): Schwarzer, Klemens
Silva, Maria Eugênia Vieira da
Palavras-chave: Fogão solar - Projeto
Fogão solar - Testes
Data do documento: 2008
Editor: Solar Energy
Citação: SCHWARZER, K. ; SILVA, M. E. V. (2008)
Abstract: The use of solar cookers is much needed in many regions with good solar radiation intensity throughout the world. The reasons are economical, as the price of fuel for cooking is no longer affordable by many families; ecological, as in many regions deforestation is also associated with the use of wood as an energy source; and social, as the money used to buy fuel could be used to buy food, medications and other needs to improve the quality of life. Because of the variety of solar cookers that has been presented in the literature, a general procedure to compare these cookers with one another is very complex. This article presents the general types of solar cookers, theirs basic characteristics, and experimental procedures to test the different types of solar cookers. The variables measured in these procedures are necessary to calculate parameters, which are used to compare the thermal performance of the solar cookers. In addition to these experimental procedures, a simplified analytical model is presented to design simple cooking systems. For more complex systems, results are shown and references are indicated in the text.
Descrição: SCHWARZER, K. ; SILVA, M. E. V. Characterisation and design methods of solar cookers. Solar Energy, v. 82, p. 157-163, 2008.
ISSN: 0038-092X
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