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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Deep proteome analysis of gerontoplasts from the inner integument of developing seeds of Jatropha curcasShah, Mohibullah; Soares, Emanoella L.; Lima, Magda L. B.; Pinheiro, Camila B.; Soares, Arlete A.; Domont, Gilberto B.; Nogueira, Fabio C. S.; Campos, Francisco A. P.
2017A novel peroxidase purified from Marsdenia megalantha latex inhibits phytopathogenic fungi mediated by cell membrane permeabilizationOliveira, Henrique P.; Silva, Rodolpho G. G; Oliveira, Jose T. A.; Sousa, Daniele O. B.; Pereira, Mirella L.; Souza, Pedro F. N.; Soares, Arlete A.; Gomes, Valdirene M.; Monteiro-Moreira, Ana C. O.; Moreno, Frederico B. M. B.; Vasconcelos, Ilka M.
2013Differential expression of cysteine peptidase genes in the inner integument and endosperm of developing seeds of Jatropha curcas L. (Euphorbiaceae)Rocha, Antônio J.; Soares, Emanoella L.; Costa, José H.; Costa, Washington L. G.; Soares, Arlete A.; Nogueira, Fábio C. S.; Domont, Gilberto B.; Campos, Francisco A. P.
2008Proteome analysis of secondary somatic embryogenesis in cassava (Manihot esculenta)Baba, Abdulrazak I.; Nogueira, Fabio C. S.; Pinheiro, Camila B.; Brasil, Juliana N.; Jereissati, Emmanuel S.; Jucá, Thiago L.; Soares, Arlete A.; Santos, Marise F.; Domont, Gilberto B.; Campos, Francisco A. P.
2020Spondias mombin: Quality control and anti-inflammatory activity in human neutrophilsSilva, Thiala S. J. da; Soares, Arlete A.; Rocha, Talita M.; Pimenta, Antônia T. Á.; Miron, Diogo; Silva, Rolf J. F.; Viana, Glauce S. B.; Leal, Luzia K. A. M. (Kalyne)
2011In vitro tissue culture of the medicinal shrub Calotropis procera to produce pharmacologically active proteins from plant latexTeixeira, Fabiano M.; Ramos, Márcio V.; Soares, Arlete A.; Oliveira, Raquel S. B.; Almeida-Filho, Luiz Carlos P.; Oliveira, Jefferson S.; Marinho-Filho, José D. B.; Carvalho, Cristina Paiva S.
2012Proteomic profile of the nucellus of castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) seeds during developmentNogueira, Fábio C. S.; Palmisano, Giuseppe; Soares, Emanoella L.; Shah, Mohibullah; Soares, Arlete A.; Roepstorff, Peter; Campos, Francisco A. P.; Domont, Gilberto B.