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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Time course of the effects of lipopolysaccharide on prepulse inhibition and brain nitrite content in miceCustódio, Charllyany Sabino; Mello, Bruna Stefânia Ferreira; Cordeiro, Rafaela Carneiro; Araújo, Fernanda Yvelize Ramos de; Chaves, João Henrique; Vasconcelos, SilvâniaMaria Mendes; Nobre Júnior, Hélio Vitoriano; Sousa, Francisca Cléa Florenço de; Vale, Mariana Lima; Carvalho, André Férrer; Macêdo, Danielle Silveira
2014Uso de marcadores moleculares na depressão : prospecção tecnológicaMachado, Keylla da Conceição; Machado, Kátia da Conceição; Araruna Junior, Adailson Almeida; Freitas, Rivelilson Mendes de
Jan-2015Antidepressant-like effect of Hoodia gordonii in a forced swimming test in mice : evidence for involvement of the monoaminergic systemCitó, M. C. O.; Silva, Maria Izabel Gomes; Santos, Luciana Kelly Ximenes; Fernandes, M. L.; Melo, Francisca Helvira Cavalcante; Aguiar, Joaquim Abilio Cisne; Lopes, Iardja Stéfane; Sousa, P .B.; Vasconcelos, Silvânia Maria Mendes de; Macêdo, D. S.; Sousa, Francisca Cléa Florenço de
Apr-2018Add-on treatment with curcumin has antidepressive effects in thai patients with major depression: results of a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studyKanchanatawan, Buranee; Tangwongchai, Sookjaroen; Sughondhabhirom, Atapol; Suppapitiporn, Siriluck; Hemrunrojn, Solaphat; Carvalho, André F.; Maes, Michael
Mar-2018Relationship between sedentary behavior and depression: A mediation analysis of influential factors across the lifespan among 42,469 people in low- and middle-income countriesStubbs, Brendon; Vancampfort, Davy; Firth, Joseph; Schuch, Felipe B.; Hallgren, Mats; Smith, Lee; Gardner, Benjamin; Kahl, Kai.G.; Veronese, Nicola; Solmi, Marco; Carvalho, André F.; Koyanagi, Ai
Apr-2018In schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and physiosomatic symptoms are strongly related to psychotic symptoms and excitation, impairments in episodic memory, and increased production of neurotoxic tryptophan catabolites: a multivariate and machine learning studyKanchanatawan, Buranee; Thika, Supaksorn; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Carvalho, André F.; Geffard, Michel; Maes, Michael
2017IDO chronic immune activation and tryptophan metabolic pathway : a potential pathophysiological link between depression and obesityChaves Filho, Adriano José Maia; Lima, Camila Nayane Carvalho; Vasconcelos, Silvânia Maria Mendes; Lucena, David Freitas de; Maes, Michael; Macedo, Danielle
Jan-2016Avaliação da prevalência de depressão no paciente com hipotireoidismoArruda, Germana Augusta Josino Carrilho de; Carvalho, Camila Benício de Souza; Hissa, Marcelo Rocha Nasser
May-2018Mixed states in bipolar and major depressive disorders: systematic review and quality appraisal of guidelinesVerdolini, N.; Hidalgo-Mazzei, D.; Murru, A.; Pacchiarotti, I.; Samalin, L.; Young, A. H.; Vieta, E.; Carvalho, A. F.
Jul-2019Mental disorders and obstetric diseases in high risk gestationsAlbuquerque, Denyse Sales Veloso; Campos, Eugenio de Moura; Santos, Joao Paulo Lima; Rodrigues, João Paulo de Oliveira; Araujo, Isadora Wanderley; Lima, Ilana Leila Barbosa de; Gomes, Igor Emanuel Vasconcelos e Martins