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Title in Portuguese: Le socialisme bolivarien du XXIe siècle
Title: XXI century bolivarian socialism
Author: Diop, Thierno
Keywords: Socialism
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Revista Dialectus
Citation: DIOP, Thierno. Le socialisme bolivarien du XXIe siècle. Revista Dialectus, Fortaleza (CE), ano 5, n. 13, p. 132-142, ago./dez. 2018.
Abstract: This article, broadly speaking, presents the XXI century socialism elaborated and enforced by President Hugo Chavez Frias. If socialism is the sole system that permits the eradication of the afflictions from which humanity suffers, one needs to learn from XXI century socialist experience to build it, considering the peculiarities of each country and the form of capitalism in its new imperialistic phase.
ISSN: 2317-2010
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