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Title in Portuguese: Trivialidade topológica da família de funções e conjuntos
Title: Topological triviality of family of functions and sets
Author: Fernandes, Alexandre César Gurgel
Soares Júnior, Carlos Humberto
Santos, Raimundo Nonato Araujo dos
Keywords: Singularidades (Matemática)
Funções (Matemática)
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
Citation: FERNANDES, Alexandre César Gurgel; SOARES, Carlos Humberto; Santos, Raimundo Nonato Araujo dos. Topological triviality of family of functions and sets. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, v. 36, n. 4, p. 1235-1248, 2006.
Abstract: In this article we divulge one of the subjects most interesting in the Theory of Singularities, to know, the topological triviality of families of functions and sets. We present, briefly, definitions and some of the results most important when treating of real singularities.
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