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dc.contributor.authorBarros, Tárcio André dos Santos-
dc.contributor.authorSantos Neto, Pedro José dos-
dc.contributor.authorNascimento Filho, Paulo Sergio-
dc.contributor.authorMoreira, Adson Bezerra-
dc.identifier.citationMOREIRA, A.B. (2017)pt_BR
dc.descriptionBARROS, T. A. S. ; SANTOS NETO, P. J. ; NASCIMENTO FILHO, P. S. ; Moreira, A. B. ; RUPPPERT, E. . An Approach for Switched Reluctance Generator in Wind Generation System With Wide Range of Operation Speed. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v. 99, p. 1-1, 2017.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents a complete approach for switched reluctance generator (SRG) in variable wind energy conversion systems. Two forms of direct power control (DPC) and a commutative system that allows SRG performance at a wide range of speed variations are proposed. Thus, more mechanical energy can be captured in wind generation. In the proposed structure, the SRG operates in a self-excited mode using a common dc bus system of a voltage source inverter connected to an electrical grid. DPCs are proposed by hysteresis of the SRG phase current for low-speed operation (DPC-LS) and by a single pulse of current for high-speed operation (DPC-HS). The low-pass filter employed to obtain the average power generated may slow down the response of the control system of the DPC applied to SRG. To improve the system performance, sliding mode controllers in DPCs were used. For operation throughout a wide speed range, the DPC-LS and DPC-HS controls should be joined. Therefore, a commutative system with smooth transition between DPC modes is proposed. Finally, simulations and experimental tests were conducted to verify the behavior of the proposed arrangement. The results confirmed correct operation of the proposed system.pt_BR
dc.subjectDirect Power Controls (DPCs)pt_BR
dc.subjectSliding Mode (SM) Controllerspt_BR
dc.subjectSwitched Reluctance Generators (SRG)pt_BR
dc.subjectVariable Speed Operation, Wind Energypt_BR
dc.titleAn approach for switched reluctance generator in a wind generation system with a wide range of operation speedpt_BR
dc.typeArtigo de Periódicopt_BR
dc.title.enAn approach for switched reluctance generator in a wind generation system with a wide range of operation speedpt_BR
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