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Título: A cost optimization-based design of precast concrete floors using genetic algorith
Autor(es): Albuquerque, Augusto Teixeira de
El Debs, Mounir Khalil
Melo, Antônio Macário Cartaxo de
Palavras-chave: Otimização estrutural
Concreto pré-moldado
Algoritmos genéticos
Data do documento: 26-Set-2011
Editor: Automation in Construction
Citação: ALBUQUERQUE, A. T. ; EL DEBS, M. K. ; MELO, A. M. C. (2011)
Abstract: The building industry has, over a long period, settled for believing that building construction was a handicraft activity. Today, it searches for technology catch up, demands more efficiency in the construction process and minimizes waste. For this, many of the traditional industry concepts, from technical management to the automation of manufacturing steps were incorporated. Within this context, structural precast concrete structures have gained increasing space. The precast concrete structure is literally an industrialized product manufactured in an assembly line and later transported and assembled at the construction site. Thus, there is a gain in quality control, reduction in labor and construction time, it guarantees precise management and works well in severe temperatures. A big precast concrete structure expansion has occurred in Brazil over recent years, besides a diversification in its use. The system is already widely used in Europe and in the US and is now becoming very attractive in Brazil. Because of this, there are some university research groups working in this theme. Some of these works deal with the application of optimization techniques to the design of precast structures, thus making the element design more efficient. This optimization-based design approach to precast concrete design is considered to be very appropriate and feasible since precast concrete elements are more modular, more standardized and are made in assembly line. This makes it easy to model the optimization problem and produce economy of scale when the optimal results are achieved.
Descrição: ALBUQUERQUE, A. T. ; EL DEBS, M. K. ; MELO, A. M. C. A cost optimization-based design of precast concrete floors using genetic algorith. Automation in Construction, [s.l.], v. 22, p. 348–356, set. 2011.
ISSN: 0926-5805
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