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Title in Portuguese: Hybrid Beamforming Design for Massive MIMO Systems with Limited CSI Feedback
Title: Hybrid Beamforming Design for Massive MIMO Systems with Limited CSI Feedback
Author: Costa Neto, Francisco Hugo
Araújo, Daniel Costa
Maciel, Tarcísio Ferreira
Keywords: Hybrid beamforming
Massive MIMO
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: COSTA NETO, Francisco Hugo; ARAÚJO, Francisco Hugo; MACIEL, Tarcisio Ferreira. Hybrid beamforming design for massive mimo systems with limited CSI feedback. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE TELECOMUNICAÇÕES - SBrT, XXXIII., 29 set.-02 out. 2019, Petrópolis-RJ., SP. Anais […], Petrópolis-RJ., SP., 2019. p.1-5.
Abstract: In this study, we investigate a limited channel state information (CSI) feedback scheme to allow the implementation of hybrid beamforming based on joint spatial division and multiplexing (JSDM). We propose the usage of beam sweeping to provide channel measurements that are used to feed a CSI report scheme that allows an adequate estimation of the channel characteristics with short pilot sequences and very few precoder matrix indicators (PMIs), thus significantly reducing the required signaling. The hybrid beamforming scheme exploits successfully the provided CSI and achieves satisfactory total data rates in comparison to the full CSI report approach, as shown in our simulation results.
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