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dc.contributor.authorSilva, Joas Lucas da-
dc.contributor.authorLeite, Gabriela Guimaraes Sousa-
dc.contributor.authorBastos, Gisele Medeiros-
dc.contributor.authorLucas, Beatriz Cacciacarro-
dc.contributor.authorShinohara, Daniel Keniti-
dc.contributor.authorTakinami, Joice Sayuri-
dc.contributor.authorMiyata, Marcelo-
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dc.contributor.authorHirata, Rosario Dominguez Crespo-
dc.contributor.authorHirata, Mario Hiroyuki-
dc.identifier.citationSILVA, J. L. et al. Plasmid-based controls to detect rpoB mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis by quantitative polymerase chain reaction-high-resolution melting. Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, v. 108, n. 1, p. 106-109, fev. 2013.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractQuantitative polymerase chain reaction-high-resolution melting (qPCR-HRM) analysis was used to screen for mutations related to drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We detected the C526T and C531T mutations in the rifampicin resistance-determining region (RRDR) of the rpoB gene with qPCR-HRM using plasmid-based controls. A segment of the RRDR region from M. tuberculosis H37Rv and from strains carrying C531T or C526T mutations in the rpoB were cloned into pGEM-T vector and these vectors were used as controls in the qPCR-HRM analysis of 54 M. tuberculosis strains. The results were confirmed by DNA sequencing and showed that recombinant plasmids can replace genomic DNA as controls in the qPCR-HRM assay. Plasmids can be handled outside of biosafety level 3 facilities, reducing the risk of contamination and the cost of the assay. Plasmids have a high stability, are normally maintained in Escherichia coli and can be extracted in large amounts.pt_BR
dc.publisherMemórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruzpt_BR
dc.subjectMycobacterium tuberculosispt_BR
dc.titlePlasmid-based controls to detect rpoB mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis by quantitative polymerase chain reaction-high-resolution meltingpt_BR
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