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Title in Portuguese: A produtividade e o progresso do trabalho
Author: Marchiori, Fernanda Fernandes
Heineck, Luiz Fernando Mählmann
Jungles, Antônio Edésio
Keywords: Construção civil
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: MARCHIORI, F. F. ; HEINECK, L. F. M. ; JUNGLES, A. E. A Produtividade e o Progresso do Trabalho. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE ENGENHARIA DE PRODUÇÃO, 18., 1998, Niteroi. Anais... Niteroi: ENGEP, 1998.
Abstract: Progress of work in connection to two building activities in a large constrution site of 4 12-storey blocks was scrutinized through the analyses of daily site records. Despite the fact that the building site under investigation was reputedly of a very well organized construction company, labour intensity for the various activities was found to be very low. Workers moved without apparent logic from one storey to the other, and every work place was visited several times during the large span of time they were under construction. Work spreaded to the whole building, instead of allowing concentration of effort in just few places at a time. The number of workers devoted to each activity also varies widely from week to week. The paper concludes by addresing the need for a higher control of how operatives spend their time and move around the building site, before new tecnologies or managerial thecniques mights be successfully implemented on site.
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