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Title in Portuguese: O perfil da mão de obra sub-contratada da indústria da construção civil
Author: Brandli, Luciana Londero
Jungles, Antônio Edésio
Heineck, Luiz Fernando Mählmann
Keywords: Construção civil
Gerencia de produção
Mão de obra
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: BRANDLI, L. L.; JUNGLES, A. E.; HEINECK, L. F. M. O Perfil da mão de obra sub-contratada da indústria da construção civil. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE ENGENHARIA DE PRODUÇÃO, 18., 1998, Niteroi. Anais... Niteroi: ENEGEP, 1998.
Abstract: Subcontracting is a widely utilized strategy in the construction industry. Given this characteristic and a scenario in which the companies’ needs for increasing the quality of their services, improving labor productivity and reducing costs, all efforts should be concentrated on the subcontractor. This is because the companies’ competitiveness may be influenced by the subcontractors’ capacity to adjust themselves to market demands. Despite the importance of subcontracting very little has beem written. Within this context, this paper develops a qualitative study with a sample of fourten subcontractors. The purpose of this study was to obtain general information about the subcontractors’ characteristics. The results provide information about origin, work’s price, labourer and others aspects.
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