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Title in Portuguese: An Investigation into the determinants of built environmental customer satisfaction
Author: Oliveira, Maria Carolina Gomes de
Heineck, Luiz Fernando Mählmann
Keywords: Habitação - Satisfação
Mobilidade residencial
Ocupação de moradia - Avaliação
Construção civil - Comercialização
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: OLIVEIRA, M. C. G.;HEINECK, L. F. M. An Investigation into the determinants of built environmental customer satisfaction. In: CIB JOINT TRIENNAL SYMPOSIUM, 1999, Cape Town. Anais... Cape Town: CIB, 1999.
Abstract: This research work adresses determinants of housing satisfaction, with emphasis on its physical attributes correlates. Two parallel field work studies are conducted. In a first stage, some 340 potential clients were interviewed in a building sales fair, asking how much they were satisfied with their present dwellings and reasons for their residential mobility decisions. In a second stage depth interviews were conducted with present occupants of a number of apartments buildings that were apparently satisfied with their homes, with no intention to move in the near future. The work enlarges Total Quality Management housing performance measurement by taking into consideration how behavioural attitudes are developed towards the appreciation of the dwelling unit, mainly in terms of how expectancies and desires are build up for each household.
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