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Title in Portuguese: A forma da emergência: linguagens na arquitetura vernacular
Title: The shape of emergence: languages in vernacular architecture
Author: Cardoso, Daniel Ribeiro
Leite, Raquel Magalhães
Sousa, Beker Aldino Santos Fortes de
Keywords: Representação do processo
Arquitetura vernacular
Shape grammar
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: SIGRADI 2011
Citation: CARDOSO, D. R.; LEITE, R. M.; SOUSA, B. A. S. F. (2011)
Abstract: This paper compares two formal languages, from the observation of the composing process of a vernacular set of houses. These languages have distinct natures. The first one is symbolic: L-system as proposed by Aristid Lindenmayer. The second one is the iconic Shape Grammar, as developed by George Stiny. After formalization, comparison and analysis, they are going to be implemented in Grasshopper.
Description: CARDOSO, D. R.; LEITE, R. M. ; SOUSA, B. A. S. F. A forma da emergência: linguagens na arquitetura vernacular. In: SIGRADI XV, 2011, Santa Fé. XV Congreso de SIGraDi. Anais... Santa Fé: UNL, 2011. v. 1. p. 1-4.
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