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Title in Portuguese: Rice and bean : glycemic index and glycemic load of the “Baião de Dois”
Author: Passos, Tatiana Uchôa
Sampaio, Helena Alves de Carvalho
Arruda, Soraia Pinheiro Machado
Melo, Maria Luisa Pereira de
Lima, José Wellington de Oliveira
Rocha, Daianne Cristina
Keywords: Índice Glicêmico
Doença Crônica
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Agricultural Sciences
Citation: PASSOS, T. U. et al. Rice and bean : glycemic index and glycemic load of the “baião de dois”. Agricultural Sciences, v. 5, p. 770-775, 2014.
Abstract: The “baião de dois” is a typical Brazilian dish and a rich combination of rice and beans. This preparation has a high nutritional value but its effect on glycemic response is not yet studied. To determine the glycemic index and glycemic load of foods can help prescribing diets and as a result, improving the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. This study aimed to access the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) of “baião de dois”. Following the protocol recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization, 6 volunteers were recruited to perform blood glucose tests. Each volunteer performed three glucose tolerance tests and a test with “baião de dois”. All tests were undertaken in separate weeks. Through the calculation of the areas under each of the curves, it was possible to access the GI of “baião de dois” by the average values of six GIs found for each volunteer. It was calculated that the GL of each portion tested and recommended servings per capita. It was found that “baião de dois” had low GI (44) and GL (6) at the recommended per capita, but high GL (22) at the portion tested (bigger than the recommended). The “baião de dois” do not present a potential risk for developing chronic diseases, but it is recommended consumption to be monitored.
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