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Title in Portuguese: Uma análise dos meios de representação a partir da teoria geral dos signos
Title: An analysis of the means of representation from the general theory of signs
Author: Cardoso, Daniel Ribeiro
Souza, André Felipe Rodrigues de
Lima, Mariana Quezado Costa
Rodrigues, Marina de Freitas
Miranda, Natália Maciel
Keywords: Teoria dos signos de Peirce
Técnicas de representação gráfica
Processo de Projeto Arquitetônico
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: SIGRADI 2011
Citation: CARDOSO, D. R.; SOUZA, A. F. R.; LIMA, M. Q. C.; RODRIGUES, M. F.; MIRANDA, N. M. (2011)
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to do an analysis of the graphic representation techniques in architecture, seeking in Peirce’s Theory of Signs an interpretation of the conventional steps of the architectural design process. A research was conducted in the architecture course in pursuit of a systematization of the information generated at each step of the design process. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of the ability to adapt to the environment, of awareness of the languages, giving the student autonomy to choose the suitable feature.
Description: CARDOSO, D. R. et al. Uma análise dos meios de representação a partir da Teoria Geral dos Signos. In: XV SIGRADI, 2011, Santa Fé. Cultura Aumentada: XV Congreso de SIGraDi. Anais... Santa Fé: UNL, 2011. v. 1. p. 1-5.
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