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Title in Portuguese: Solution of Saint Venant's equation to study flood in rivers, through numerical methods
Author: Chagas, Patricia Freire
Souza, Raimundo Oliveira de
Keywords: Hidrodinâmica
Controle de enchentes
Escoamento em rios naturais
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Hydrology Days
Citation: CHAGAS, P.; SOUZA, R. O. Solution of Saint Venant's equation to study flood in rivers, through numerical methods. In: HYDROLOGY DAYS, 2005, Fort Collins. Anais... Fort Collins: [s. n.], 2005.
Abstract: The problems of flood wave propagation, in bodies of waters, caused by intense rains or breaking of control structures, represent a great challenge in the mathematical modeling processes. The solution of this problem passes, invariably, for the development of mathematical models that, in their formulations, describe, in the closest it way, the real scenery of the process. On the other hand, the mathematical manipulation of those models implies in the solution of nonlinear differential equations, as it is the case of Saint Venant's Equation, of great application in the studies of rivers, for gradually varied flow. This research uses a discretization, for the equations that governs the propagation of a flood wave, in natural rivers, with the objective of a better understanding of this propagation process. The results have shown that the hydraulic parameters play important game in the propagation of a flood wave.
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