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Título: Stomatopod and decapod crustaceans of the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Northeast Brazil
Autor(es): Fausto Filho, José
Palavras-chave: Decápode - Crustáceo - Fernando de Noronha - Arquipélago
Data do documento: 1974
Editor: Arquivos de Ciências do Mar
Citação: FILHO, J. F. (1974)
Resumo: The Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is located off the northeast coast of Brazil. These islands have been visited by a number of famous explorers, scientists and expeditions. However, there are relatively few reports and papers available. Those of biological interest are primarily of a taxonomic nature. The purpose of this study is to describe the stomatopod and decapod crustaceans of the Archipelago. This paper is more than just a check list and includes information about the systematic, ecology, bathymetric and geographical distribution of the species included. The bulk of the data was obtained during four expeditions made since 1963, each expedition lasting about one week. The author made two of them, in March 1963 and August 1968. The other two were completed in November 1969 by Dr. José Santiago Lima Verde and in January 1971 by Mr. Henry Ramos Matthews. In addition, other authorities who had identified specimens collected from the Islands were contacted and an exchange of data was accomplished. Also an intense bibliographical search was made for all papers relating to the Islands. This study, then, has been an effort to fill in the existing blanks and to assemble a report on these important groups from observations scattered throughout the literature. The author recognizes that reports such as this can become incomplete as new species are discovered, but at least this report is the first comprehensive study of the stornatopods and decapods of the Archipelago and provides an understanding of the ecology of the Islands and of the zoogeographical affinities of the species studied.
Descrição: FAUSTO FILHO, Jose. Stomatopod and decapod crustaceans of the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Northeast Brazil. Arquivos de Ciências do Mar. Fortaleza, v. 14, n.1, p. 1-35, jun. 1974.
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