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Título: Information mediation for social inclusion in a poor urban community in Brazil
Autor(es): Farias, Maria Giovanna Guedes
Varela, Aida Varela
Freire, Isa Maria
Palavras-chave: Social inclusion
Information mediation
Model of information mediation
Digital inclusion
Data do documento: 2013
Editor: Libri
Citação: Farias, M. G. G.; Varela, A. V.; Freire, I. M. (2013)
Abstract: This article presents a reflection on research in progress in the doctoral program of the Post-Graduate Program in Information Sciences of the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil, which is being developed in the Santa Clara Community (SCC), in the city of João Pessoa – Paraíba. This study is a continuation of previous Master’s thesis research, and seeks to create and implement a model of information mediation for the digital inclusion of local residents in society. This article approaches the issue in the perspective of information mediation, seeking to develop digital competence among the residents of SCC, using the support of digital information and communication technologies. It describes the informational skills that will be implemented, in partnership with the Intellectual Technologies Laboratory (ITL) of the Department of Information Sciences of the Federal University of Paraíba. The article argues that, in this context, the information professional has a social function as information mediator, facilitating its access and use, supporting the subjects of research in the sense of appropriation of intellectual technologies of information, putting into practice the concepts around social responsibility of Information Sciences. The methodology adopted is action-research, chosen to promote the network of cooperation needed to support the formulation of a model of mediation, appropriation and use of intellectual technology, using the aid of participant observation to reflect the reality of this field of research.
Descrição: FARIAS, Maria Giovanna Guedes; VARELA, Aida Varela; FREIRE, Isa Maria. Information mediation for social inclusion in a poor urban community in Brazil. Libri, Munich,v. 63, n. 3, p. 179-189, 2013.
ISSN: 18658423 (online)
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