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Title in Portuguese: Activity and consciousness
Title: Activity and consciousness
Author: Leontiev, Alexei Nikolaevich
Keywords: Activity
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Revista Dialectus
Citation: LEONTIEV, Alexei Nikolaevich. Activity and consciousness. Revista Dialectus, Fortaleza, ano 2, n. 4, p. 159-183, jan./jun. 2014.
Abstract in Portuguese: In examining this problem the first point we have to consider is the question of the significance of the category of activity in any interpretation of how human consciousness is determined. There are two approaches to this major question. One of them postulates the direct dependence of the phenomena of consciousness on the various influences exerted upon man's receptive systems. This approach was expressed with classical clarity in the 19th-centurypsycho-physics and physiology of the sense organs. The main task of research in those days was to establish the quantitative dependence of sensations, regarded as elements of consciousness, on the physical parameters of the stimuli affecting the sense organs. These researches were thus based on the “stimulus-response” pattern.
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ISSN: 2317-2010
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