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Title in Portuguese: A complete method for porting Operating System for embedded systems
Author: Souza, Osvaldo de
Castro, Helano de Sousa
Keywords: Operating System (OS)
Complete method for detecting OS parts
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IX Worshop de Tempo Real
Citation: Souza, O.; Castro, H. S. (2007)
Abstract: Embedded system development frequently uses the “trial and error” approach for Operating System (OS) porting, resulting in incomplete or inconsistent porting results. In this paper, we present an original work addressing this issue. We propose a complete method for detecting OS parts that should be adjusted in order to port the OS into a new hardware platform. The proposed method combines information from the OS source-code and peculiarities of the new hardware platform, resulting in: a complete list of source-codes that must be adjusted; the interdependence between these source-codes; the priority order of modifications for each source-code; and an effort-based schedule, in order to plan the modifications.
Description: SOUZA, Osvaldo de; CASTRO, Helano de Sousa. A complete method for porting Operating System for embedded systems. In: Worshop de Tempo Real, 9, 2007, Belém do Para. Anais... São Paulo: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2007, p. 21-28.
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