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Title in Portuguese: Biosafety : microbiological analysis of jackets of u niversity students of health courses
Author: Pinto, Isabela Ribeiro
Sampaio, Tiago Lima
Holanda, Marili a Lima de
Rodrigues Neto, Edilson Martins
Marques, Lidia Audrey Rocha Valadas
Campos, Marcia Oliveira Coelho
Nogueira, Nadia Accioly Pinto
Alves, Renata de Sousa
Keywords: Ágar
Exposição a Agentes Biológicos
Exposure to Biological Agents
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
Citation: PINTO, I. R. et al. Biosafety : microbiological analysis of jackets of university students of health courses. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, v. 8, n. 8, p. 218-222, 2016.
Abstract: Health care students are in permanent contact and h andling with biological agents, and using jackets i n inappropriate environments and can contaminate clot hing, other students, the environment and the popul ation. The present study aimed to verify the contamination rat e of jackets of students investigating the situatio n of biosafety. The collect was held with sterile swab in the tissu es, in an area of approximately 4 cm 2 of the sleeves and of the front of the jackets of 100 students and the sample s were plated on Petri containing Blood Agar for mi crobiological analysis. Microbial contamination was detected in 85% of the jackets; being 78,84% Pharmacy students, 95% Nursing, 94,44% Dentistry and 80% Medicine. There w ere observed the presence of Gram-negative and Gram - positive cocci, bacilli, hemolytic bacteria. It con cludes that the jackets are contamination vectors, requiring awareness from the students to the practice of Bios afety.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 0975-7384
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