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Title in Portuguese: Agreement between different pathologists in histopathologic diagnosis of 128 gastric polyps
Other Titles: Concordância entre diferentes patologistas no diagnóstico anatomopatológico de uma série de 128 pólipos gástricos
Author: Barbosa, Sérgio Henrique Brito
Lázaro Filho, Geraldo Cezário de
Franco, Luciano Monteiro
Valença junior, José Telmo
Nobre e Souza, Miguel Ângelo
Souza, Marcellus Henrique Loiola Ponte
Keywords: Pólipos
Pólipos Adenomatosos
Adenomatous Polyps
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Arquivos de gastroenterologia
Citation: BARBOSA, S. H. B. et al. Agreement between different pathologists in histopathologic diagnosis of 128 gastric polyps. Arquivos de Gastroenterologia, São Paulo, v. 54, n. 3, p. 1-4, jul./sep. 2017.
Abstract: BACKGROUND - Gastric polyps are elevated mucosal lesions. Most of them are less than 1 cm and when larger than 2 cm, has a high malignancy probability. The histopathological types are mainly fundic gland polyps, hyperplastic polyps and adenomatous polyps. OBJECTIVE - To evaluate the agreement between three different pathologists in the histopathological diagnosis of 128 biopsied gastric polyps in Digestive Endoscopy Unit from Walter Cantídeo University Hospital, between May 2010 to May 2012. METHODS - To describe the intensity of agreement between observers, we use kappa index that is based on the number of concordant measures between them. RESULTS - There was substantial agreement in the diagnosis of adenoma (kappa=0.799, CI: 0.899-0.698) and fundic glands (kappa=0.655, CI: 0.755-0.555). Regarding to hyperplastic polyps (kappa=0.415, CI: 0.515-0.315) and inflammatory (kappa=0.401, CI: 0.501-0.301), we obtained a moderate agreement. Regarding the presence of Helicobacter pylori in biopsy of the polyp, there was a low agreement (kappa=0.219, CI: 0.319-0.119). CONCLUSION - It is clear that the agreement between pathologists depends on the histological type of the biopsied polyp and this agreement is more substantial in adenoma, or fundic gland polyps.
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