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Title in Portuguese: Associação da autoeficácia de pais/cuidadores com os parâmetros de controle da asma infantil
Other Titles: Asociación de la autoeficacia de padres/cuidadores con los parámetros de control del asma infantil
Title: Association of self-efficacy of parents/caregivers with childhood asthma control parameters
Author: Gomes, Ana Lúcia Araújo
Lima, Kamila Ferreira
Mendes, Elizamar Regina da
Joventino, Emanuella Silva
Martins, Mariana Cavalcante
Almeida, Paulo César de
Ximenes, Lorena Barbosa
Keywords: Asma
Enfermagem Pediátrica
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP
Citation: GOMES, A. L. A. et al. Associação da autoeficácia de pais/cuidadores com os parâmetros de controle da asma infantil. Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP, São Paulo, v. 51, p. 1-7, mar. 2018.
Abstract: Objective: To verify the association between the self-effi cacy of parents/caregivers and control parameters of childhood asthma. Method: Cross-sectional study with parents/ caregivers of asthmatic children. Data were collected through a sociodemographic questionnaire and the Self-effi cacy and their child’s level of asthma control scale: Brazilian version. Results: Participation of 216 parents/caregivers in the study. Th ere was a statistically signifi cant association between self-effi cacy scores and the following variables: unscheduled physician visit (p=0.001), visit to emergency department (p<0.001), hospital stays in the previous 12 months (p=0.005), physical activity limitation (p=0.003), school days missed (p<0.001), impaired sleep (p<0.001), ability to diff erentiate crisis medication from control medication (p=0.024), use of spacer (p=0.001), performing oral hygiene after use of inhaled corticosteroids (p=0.003), and knowledge of medication gratuity (p=0.004). Conclusion: A signifi cant relationship of the self-effi cacy of parents/ caregivers of asthmatic children with control parameters and training on the necessary skills to reach this control was demonstrated in the study.
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