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Title in Portuguese: b-Coloring graphs with large girth
Title: b-Coloring graphs with large girth
Author: Campos, Victor Almeida
Farias, Victor Aguiar Evangelista de
Silva, Ana Shirley Ferreira da
Keywords: b-Chromatic number
Exact algorithm
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Journal of The Brazilian Computer Society
Citation: CAMPOS, Victor Almeida; FARIAS, Victor Aguiar Evangelista de; SILVA, Ana Shirley Ferreira da. b-Coloring graphs with large girth. Journal of The Brazilian Computer Society, v. 18, p. 2012-375-378, 2012.
Abstract: A b-coloring of a graph is a coloring of its vertices such that every color class contains a vertex that has a neighbor in all other classes. The b-chromatic number of a graph is the largest integer k such that the graph has a b-coloring with k colors. We show how to compute in polynomial time the b-chromatic number of a graph of girth at least 9. This improves the seminal result of Irving and Manlove on trees
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