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Title in Portuguese: Residualidade trovadoresca na poesia popular do nordeste brasileiro: ritual de apresentação
Author: Carioca, Cláudia Ramos
Keywords: Realidade
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: UFC
Citation: CARIOCA Cláudia Ramos. Residualidade trovadoresca na poesia popular do nordeste brasileiro: ritual de apresentação. Pesquisas em lingüística e literatura: descrição, aplicação, ensino. Fortaleza: Universidade Federal do Ceará-GELNE, 2002. p.749-751.
Abstract: This paper aims to indicate theoric and practice points that can be relate to the ritual of presentation poetic trovadoresca, contrasting with the northeastern popular singers, and it also describes the artists and places where they occur. Our research was based in reading, file about works already development, with a large bibliography and in artistic presentations. From comparisons, we prove scientifically the ritual that survive through of the time, and it gives us the possibility to use the residualidade term. It also help us to define the conceptions of singularity from diferent countrys.
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