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Title in Portuguese: In vivo antitumoural activity and composition of an oil extract of Brazilian propolis
Author: Carvalho, Adriana Andrade
Finger, Daiane
Machado, Christiane Schinieder
Schmid, Eduardo Morgado
Costa, Patrícia Marçal da
Alves, Ana Paula Negreiros Nunes
Morais, Thamires Maria Fontenele
Queiroz, Maria Goretti Rodrigues de
Quináia, Sueli Pércio
Santos, Julio Murilo Trevas dos
Pessoa, Cláudia
Moraes Filho, Manoel Odorico de
Costa-Lotufo, Letícia Veras
Sawaya, Alexandra Christine Helena Frankland
Eberlin, Marcos Nogueira
Torres, Yohandra Reyes
Rosa, Marcos Roberto da
Keywords: Própole
Compostos Fenólicos
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Food Chemistry
Citation: CARVALHO, A. A. et al. In vivo antitumoural activity and composition of an oil extract of Brazilian propolis. Food Chemistry, Londres, v. 126, n. 3, p. 1239-1245, jun. 2011.
Abstract: The present study aimed to evaluate in vivo and in vitro the antitumoural activity of a propolis extract obtained with edible vegetable oil and its fractions and also to investigate its chemical composition by LC–MS and LC–MS/MS. To evaluate the toxicological aspects related to the propolis extract treatment, hematological, biochemical, histopathological and morphological analyses of treated animals were per- formed. All propolis extracts showed an in vivo antitumour activity in the experimental model with a moderate toxicity effect at experimental exposure levels. The oil extract was as effective as the ethanolic extract at inhibiting tumour growth. In vitro assays showed that the whole oil extract produced better inhibition of tumour cells than its fractions. LC–MS and LC–MS/MS identified four phenolic acids and three flavonoids. The anticancer potential of the oil extract of propolis has been demonstrated and the edible vegetable oil was shown as an attractive alternative solvent to extract bioactive natural propolis components.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 0308-8146
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