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Title in Portuguese: The renal effects of alginates isolated from brown seaweed Sargassum vulgare
Author: Sousa, Alessandra de Paula Alves ,
Barbosa, Paulo Sergio Ferreira
Torres, Márcia Rocha
Martins, Alice Maria Costa
Martins, René Duarte
Alves, Renata de Sousa
Sousa, Daniel Freire de
Alves, Claudênio Diógenes
Costa-Lotufo, Letícia Veras
Monteiro, Helena Serra Azul
Keywords: Alginatos
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: Journal of Applied Toxicology
Citation: SOUSA, A. de P. A. et al. The renal effects of alginates isolated from brown seaweed Sargassum vulgare. Journal of applied toxicology, Chichester, Inglaterra, v. 28, n. 3, p. 364-369, abr. 2008.
Abstract: Alginates isolated from Sargassum vulgare , present a strong antitumor activity, associated with kidney reversible damage, as analysed by histopathology of treated animals. In the present study, the renal alteration mechanisms of S. vulgare alginates were investigated using the isolated perfused rat kidney and the isolated perfused rat mesenteric blood vessel methods. The results showed that the effects of Sargassum vulgare low viscosity (SVLV) alginate were more potent than those of Sargassum vulgare high viscosity (SVHV) alginate in the isolated rat kidney. The SVLV alginate caused considerable changes in renal physiology, as shown by an increase in parameters such as perfusion pressure, renal vascular resistance, glomerular filtration rate, urinary flow and sodium, potassium and chloride excretion and by reduction of chloride tubular transport. The effects of SVHV were weaker than those of SVLV. The effects of SVLV on kidney could be related to direct vascular action as demonstrated with SVLV alginate on mesenteric blood vessels. In conclusion, the Sargassum vulgare alginate altered the renal function parameters evaluated. S. vulgare low viscosity alginate renal effects were more potent than S. vulgare high viscosity alginate. It is suggested that physicochemical differences be- tween SVHV and SVLV could explain the differences found in the results. Copyright © 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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ISSN: 0260-437X
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