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Title in Portuguese: Assistência de enfermagem à família na UTI: uma abordagem sobre o atendimento de suas necessidades.
Author: Oliveira, Lizete Malagoni de Almeida Cavalcante
Keywords: Unidades de Terapia Intensiva
Cuidados de Enfermagem
Issue Date: 1991
Citation: OLIVEIRA, L. M. A. C. Assistência de enfermagem à família na UTI: uma abordagem sobre o atendimento de suas necessidades. 1991. 165p. Dissertação (Mestrado em Enfermagem) – Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, 1991.
Abstract: This paper demonstrates the interaction between nursing team and the family of patients intcrned in Intensive Caro Unit — ICU, focuzing mainly the harmony between the furnished attendance and the family needs, as manifested, It is a research of a descriptive naturc, a type-case study, with a qualitative approach. The aims had been to identify the needs which the family does show at the time of internment of a relative in a ICU, and the assistance that a nursing team is offering to this patient, having in view the analysis of the quality of the attendance and the potentialities forchanges. After a cxploratory phase, making use of independent observation, I have carried out partially structured interviews with members of nursing team an with relatives of ICU patients. I have verified that the nursing team doesn' t consider to assist the family as its responsibility and that the "ruling" insidc the unit frequently restricts the rights of relatives an restricts the performance of the professionals of the area. I have considered essential the change of posture on the part of the nursing team, extending their assistance to the family and reorienting their activities toward Identification and meeting the elementary needs.
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