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Title in Portuguese: Implementation of a viscoelastic constitutive model using the object-oriented programming approach
Author: Silva, Henrique Nogueira
Soares, Jorge Barbosa
Parente Junior, Evandro
Sousa, P. C.
Keywords: Pavimentos de asfalto
Método dos elementos finitos
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences
Citation: SILVA, H. N. et al. Implementation of a viscoelastic constitutive model using the object-oriented programming approach. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL & EXPERIMENTAL ENGINEERING AND SCIENCES, 15., 2008, Honolulu. Anais... Honolulu: ICCEES, 2008. p. 1-8.
Abstract: The numerical implementation of the time-dependent linear viscoelastic constitutive model using object-oriented programming is discussed here. This paper is divided in two main parts: (i) a brief discussion of the numerical integration of linear viscoelastic constitutive equations, including the use of Prony series for characterization of viscoelastic materials (e.g. asphalt pavement surfaces) and (ii) the class organization and methods implemented in viscoelastic related classes of an object-oriented framework. The implementation is part of an ongoing development Finite Element (FE) computer system for pavement analysis and research.
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