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Title in Portuguese: Study of mangetic properties of maraging 350 steel as a fucntion of grain size
Title: Study of mangetic properties of maraging 350 steel as a fucntion of grain size
Author: Araújo, Jônatas Targino
Cardoso, Jorge Luiz
Tavares, Sérgio Souto Maior
Pardal, Juan Manuel
Silva, Marcelo José Gomes da
Keywords: Aços maraging
Tamanho dos grãos
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ABM Week -; Editora Blucher
Citation: ARAÚJO, Jônatas Targino; CARDOSO, Jorge Luiz; TAVARES, Sérgio Souto Maior; PARDAL, Juan Manuel; SILVA, Marcelo José Gomes da. Study of mangetic properties of maraging 350 steel as a fucntion of grain size. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL DA ABM – INTERNACIONAL, 74º., 01 a 03 out. 2019, São Paulo, SP, Brasil. Anais[...], São Paulo, v. 74, n.74, p. 2894-2904, 2019.
Abstract in Portuguese: The magnetic properties of the maraging 350 steel were analyzed in four different grain sizes. The applications of maraging steels can be found in several fields such as aeronautics, super centrifuges, navy, etc. Thus, this kind of steel must combine excellent mechanical properties with good magnetic ones. Microstructure and grain size can affect these properties. In order to evaluate the influence of grain size in some magnetic properties such as coercive force, saturation magnetization, remanence magnetization and Magnetic Barkhausen Noise (MBN), four solution temperatures were selected to vary the grain size of the samples. The samples were also aged in two different conditions after solution annealing. Vibrating-sample magnetometer (VSM) and MBN were used to analyze the changings in the magnetic properties as the grain size increased. The results showed changing in these properties related to grain size, making it possible to choose the best heat treatment conditions for magnetic applications.
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ISSN: 2594-5327
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