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Title in Portuguese: Formação Docente Para a Educação Superior - nas Trilhas de Uma Política Institucional
Title: Teaching Formation for the Superior Education
Author: Barreira, Sofia de Evaristo Menescal
Advisor(s): Dias, Ana Maria Iorio
Keywords: Educaçao
Sociedade da Informação e do Conhecimento
Profissão Docente
Formação Docente para a Educação Superior
Política Institucional
Desenvolvimento Profissional Docente
Universidade Federal do Ceará - Corpo Docente
Universidade Federal do Ceará - Ingresso
Professores Universitários - Formação - Fortaleza (CE)
Professores Universitários - Avaliação - Fortaleza (CE)
Educação - Estudo e ensino (Superior) - Fortaleza (CE)
Profissionais de gestão do conhecimento - Fortaleza (CE)
Ensino Superior e Estado - Fortaleza (CE)
Society of Information and Knowledge
Teaching Profession
Teaching Formation for a Superior Education
Institutional Policy
Teaching Professional Development
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: BARREIRA, S. E. M.; DIAS, A. M. I. (2009)
Abstract: The thematic of this thesis concerns to the importance of the teaching formation for the superior education face to the challenge disposed by the society of information and knowledge to the accomplished professionalization on this teaching level. The Federal University of Ceará – UFC was chosen for the achievement of this field research as it historically represents the main former institution of active professionals in the teaching of superior education in Ceará. It was the first university created in the State and continues being one of the greatest referential for the others Superior Teaching Institutions by the importance of its debates, partnerships established and the meaningful contribution in the professional formation for the world of the work. This study was developed through a qualitative research, that is a case study using semistructured interviews and documental analysis. The subjects of the research are represented by 43 active managers from the period 1997 to 2006 – rectors, pro-rectors, directors of centers or faculties, chiefs of departments, coordinators of courses, managers of human resources, syndicate representative, auditor among others. The categories of Entrance, Evaluation and Formation were defined to guide the priorities pertaining specially to field research. The information and reflections resultant just show the necessity to implement an institutional policy of teaching formation to the teachers of the University, conceived in the scope of references of professional development. So, to have this effectuated, it is urgent to establish ruptures in order to face the evident problems and assume innovated attitudes in the face of explicit possibilities
Description: BARREIRA, Sofia de Evaristo Menescal. Formação docente para a educação superior: nas trilhas de uma política institucional. 2009. 260 f. Tese (Doutorado em Educação) – Universidade Federal do Ceará, Faculdade de Educação, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação Brasileira, Fortaleza-CE, 2009.
metadata.dc.type: Tese
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