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Title in Portuguese: Protein fractions, amino acid composition and antinutritional constituents of high-yielding cowpea cultivars
Author: Vasconcelos, Ilka Maria
Maia, Fernanda Maria Machado
Farias, Davi Felipe
Campello, Claudio Cabral
Carvalho, Ana Fontenele Urano
Moreira, Renato de Azevedo
Oliveira, Jose Tadeu Abreu de
Keywords: Vigna unguiculata
Protein fractions
Amino acids
Antinutritional factors
Trypsin inhibitors
Food analysis
Food composition
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: VASCONCELOS, Ilka Maria et al. Protein fractions, amino acid composition and antinutritional constituents of high-yielding cowpea cultivars. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, [s.l], v. 23, p. 54-60, 2010.
Abstract: High-yielding cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) cultivars were analysed for major changes in seed protein types, amino acid profiles and antinutritional factors content. As usual, the globulins constitute the major seed proteins (493.2–573.3 g kg 1 total seed protein), followed by albumins (201.0–248.0 g kg 1 ), basic glutelins (119.1–154.3 g kg 1 ), acid glutelins (82.4–92.3 g kg 1 ) and prolamins (13.2–20.2 g kg 1 ). The electrophoretic patterns of seeds and protein fractions for all cowpea cultivars resembled to each other both qualitatively and quantitatively. However, they showed slight differences in the amino acid composition with common prevalence of glutamine/glutamic acid, asparagine/aspartic acid and phenylalanine + tyrosine. The methionine + cysteine contents were low for all cultivars and their protein fractions. Trypsin inhibitory activity varied among the cultivars and was much higher in the albumins (198.67–393.43 g kg 1 protein). Haemagglutinating activity was also higher in the albumin fraction and varied from 30,900 to 444,400 HU kg 1 flour. In conclusion, all cultivars showed the usual compositional characteristics of V. unguiculata, but the content of antinutritional factors differed among the cultivars although they remained concentrated in albumin and globulin fractions.
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ISSN: 0889-1575
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