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Title in Portuguese: Spondias mombin: Quality control and anti-inflammatory activity in human neutrophils
Author: Silva, Thiala S. J. da
Soares, Arlete A.
Rocha, Talita M.
Pimenta, Antônia T. Á.
Miron, Diogo
Silva, Rolf J. F.
Viana, Glauce S. B.
Leal, Luzia K. A. M. (Kalyne)
Keywords: Spondias mombin
Quality control
Chlorogenic acid
Anti-inflammatory activity
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Journal of Herbal Medicine
Citation: SILVA, Thiala S. J. da et al. Spondias mombin: Quality control and anti-inflammatory activity in human neutrophils. Journal of Herbal Medicine, [s.l.], v. 24, p. 1-7, 2020.
Abstract: Spondias mombin L. (Anacardiaceae) is a tree known in Northeast Brazil as “cajazeira”. Besides producing fruit that is widely consumed (yellow mombin or hog plum in English, caja in Portuguese, among others), its leaves are extensively used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This study aimed to develop a standardized hydroalcoholic extract of S. mombin leaves and to investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of the extract and geraniin from S. mombin in human neutrophils. The authors used an integrative approach, including histological and histochemical examination, HPLC analysis and microbiological control. The anti-inflammatory bioactivity of the standardized extract of S. mombin and geraniin was evaluated in a degranulation assay in human neutrophils. The leaves of S. mombin exhibited distinguishable histological features compared with other Spondias species. Idioblasts with phenolic compounds were histochemically identified. Purity parameters were determined in the drug as well as the total polyphenol content in the plant extract. HPLC analysis allowed detection and quantification of two bioactive phenols, geraniin and chlorogenic acid. The hydroalcoholic extract of S. mombin leaves and geraniin exhibited significant anti-inflammatory activity in human neutrophils. This study establishes an interdisciplinary method along with unprecedented specifications for the quality control of S. mombin and demonstrates that both standardized plant extract and geraniin showed anti-inflammatory activity.
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ISSN: 2210-8033
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