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Título: Government and e-participation programs: a study of the challenges faced by institucional projects
Autor(es): Marques, Francisco Paulo Jamil Almeida
Palavras-chave: Internet
Digital Democracy
Digital Media
Democratic Practices
Institutional Web sites
Data do documento: 2010
Editor: University of Illinois at Chicago Library
Citação: Marques, F. P. J. A. (2010)
Abstract: This paper examines the difficulties faced by government projects aimed at fostering citizens’ political participation by using the Internet. After presenting the participatory tools found on two institutional Web sites (the Brazilian Presidency and the House of Representatives), I examine how the constraints pointed out by a relevant part of the literature in e–participation are reflected in such initiatives. Promoting online participation needs more than providing communication resources, since civic culture and other issues are still key factors in influencing our patterns of political involvement. A participatory use of digital tools depends more on circumstances, such as institutional willingness, than on technical mechanisms available.
Descrição: MARQUES, Francisco Paulo Jamil Almeida. Government and e-participation programs: a study of the challenges faced by institucional projects. First Monday, United States, v. 15, n. 8, 2010, p. 1-12
ISSN: 13960466
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