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Título: Adoption of lean construction in the final stages of a construction process, why does it not happen?
Autor(es): Vasconcelos, Iuri A. de
Soares, Marcella F.
Heineck, Luiz Fernando Mahlmann
Palavras-chave: Construção enxuta
Construção civil
Data do documento: 2012
Editor: Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction
Citação: VASCONCELOS, I. A. ; SOARES, M. F. ; HEINECK, L. F. M. (2012)
Resumo: Lean construction principles emphasize indistinctively streamlining construction processes, being them part of the initial stages of construction or as suggested by Justin- Time (JIT) concentrated nearer to customers taking possession of the new building. Every new project offers an opportunity to start afresh with better management techniques and it might be taken that this earlier period, free from time pressures to hand over the building, is more receptive for the application of lean concepts, as compared to latter stages. As a hypothesis, it is believed that cash flow could be jeopardized and the strategic decision to leave greater proportion of work for the end of construction might decrease the effect of ongoing lean management techniques or require greater efforts in connection to them. This research work investigates the application of lean construction principles on a 16,800sqm construction site in Fortaleza, Brazilian northeast, investigating performance outcomes as related to management lean grading according to a questionnaire developed by Hofacker (2008). It concludes that work disruptions, rework and making ready activities near to the end of the construction period accumulates and lean grading decreases when it is possibly most needed to deliver customers the required quality.
Descrição: VASCONCELOS, I. A. ; SOARES, M. F. ; HEINECK, L. F. M. Adoption of lean construction in the final stages of a construction process, why does it not happen? In: CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL GROUP FOR LEAN CONSTRUCTION, 20., 2012, San Diego. Anais… San Diego: CIGLC, 2012.
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