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Title in Portuguese: Assistive technology for visually impaired women : usage of female condoms : a descriptive study
Author: Cavalcante, Luana Duarte Wanderley
Barbosa, Giselly Oseni Laurentino
Oliveira, Paula Marciana Pinheiro de
Rebouças, Cristiana Brasil de Almeida
Pagliuca, Lorita Marlena Freitag
Keywords: Pessoas com Deficiência Visual
Equipamentos de Autoajuda
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing
Citation: CAVALCANTE, L. D. W. et al. Assistive technology for visually impaired women : usage of female condoms : a descriptive study. Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing, Rio de Janeiro, v. 12, p. 534-545, 2013.
Abstract in Portuguese: Aim: To develop an Assistive Technology for visually impaired women to learn how to use the female condom. Method: This is a descriptive and exploratory research, with a qualitative approach. Three workshops were held between April and May 2010. These events were recorded and the statements were transcribed and analyzed by the content analysis method. Results: The technology developed was written educational material, the manufacture of a female prosthesis, training on the placement of the condom in the prosthesis and workshops. The data was organized into three categories. Visual impairment did not inhibit the construction of the prosthesis. Discussion: Mistaken comments and doubts emerged during the placement of the condom in the prosthesis which evidenced women’s lack of understanding about the condom. Conclusion: The technology developed was able to effectively assist women’s needs regarding the issues addressed, as it helped to inform women with regards to STD, female anatomy, and the creative, interactive and effective use of the female condom.
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