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Title in Portuguese: A web based environment for construction planning courses
Author: Mendes Júnior, Ricardo
Vargas, Carlos Luciano Sant'Ana
Heineck, Luiz Fernando Mählmann
Keywords: Serviços da Web
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: MENDES JUNIOR, R. ; VARGAS, C. L. S. ; HEINECK, L. F. M. . A Web nased environment for construction planning courses. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGENEERING EDUCATION, 1998, Rio de Janeiro. Anais... Rio de Janeiro: ICEE, 1998. p. 77-87.
Abstract: We have developed a World Wide Web (Web-) based Construction Planning and Control (WEBPCO) educational environment for graduate students and building construction practitioners. WEBPCO represents an information constructed environment (Web site). This environment consists of lectures material, tutorials, additional material (articles, texts, bibliography, etc.), discussion pages, homework assignments, on-line interactive exercises, multiple choice short examinations, and a building scheduling game which last for all the course period. This environment supplements conventional methods of presentation by providing all the needed material linked to examples, exercises, tutorials and an e-mail way of communication between students and the teacher and supervisors. All the communication are done directly into the Web pages on a particular discussion page related to one subject. We describe the mplementation of the WEBPCO environment. An experiment is being running with about twenty participants.
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