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Title in Portuguese: Tendencies in the production of scientific knowledge in nursing regarding HIV/AIDS : a bibliometric study
Author: Holanda, Eliane Rolim de
Lira, Maria da Conceição Cavalcanti
Galvão, Marli Teresinha Gimeniz
Damasceno, Marta Maria Coelho
Araujo, Thelma Leite de
Keywords: HIV
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing
Citation: HOLANDA, E. R. et al. Tendencies in the production of scientific knowledge in nursing regarding HIV/AIDS : a bibliometric study. Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing, Rio de Janeiro, v. 12, n. 4, p. 986-997, 2013.
Abstract: Aim: To analyze the scientific production in nursing regarding HIV/AIDS published in journals edited in Brazil and available electronically, from 2000 to 2011. Method: This is a bibliometric study performed with 194 articles, descriptively analyzed regarding their category, year of publication, ‘Qualis’ standard, educational background of the authors, title of the authors and area of work and affiliated institution, as well as method, research subjects, study scenarios and subtopics. Results: The data points to a meaningful increase in the quantity of studies related to the topic, an expressive participation of PhDs, professors and students from public universities and a weak participation of assisting nurses. The majority of the scenarios in the articles are in the southeast and northeast regions of Brazil. It was also clear that there was a lack of publications about children, teenagers, elderly people, sex workers, drug users and homosexuals. There was a tendency for qualitative research methods. Conclusion: We conclude that the findings of this study show gaps in the knowledge that can be explored by future investigations by nursing professionals.
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ISSN: 1676-4285 On line
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