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Title in Portuguese: Duality, net supply and the directional distance function
Author: Benegas, Maurício
Marinho, Emerson Luís Lemos
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: Serie Estudos Econômicos CAEN
Citation: BENEGAS, Mauricio; MARINHO, E. Duality, net supply and the directional distance function. Fortaleza: CAEN?UFC, 2007. Serie Estudos Econômicos, 03
Series/Report no.: 03;
Abstract: This paper considers alternative proofs of the Hotelling’s lemma and Shephard’s lemma using new relations of duality in the theory of the production. The proofs proposals possess two advantages, relatively to the usual demonstrations, which are, not the use of the known enveolpe theorem and the validity of the demonstration for interior points to the production set
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