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Title in Portuguese: Eficiência energética em sistemas de bombeamento
Author: Schmidlin Júnior, Celso Rogério
Moreira, Adson Bezerra
Cavalcante Neto, Tomaz Nunes
Pitombeira, Ernesto da Silva
Pontes, Ricardo Silva Thé
Keywords: Energia - Conservação
Bombas centrífugas
Inversores PWM
Controle de fluxo
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: INDUSCON
Citation: SCHMIDLIN JUNIOR, C. R. et al. Eficiência energética em sistemas de bombeamento. In: INDUSCON, 7., 2006, Recife. Anais... Recife: [s.n.], 2006.
Abstract: The present paper looks for quantifying the energy saving due to the use of rated flow variation method through the change of speed in detriment of that one that makes use of throttling valve (constant speed). For such, it is made an analysis of these two methods for two hydraulic installations: one with reduced geometric height and another with high. Still, for the analysis of the system efficiency, the losses in the frequency inverter and the additional losses in the motor due to the no-sinusoidal voltage source are considered.
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